Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll 1983 on Rush (Part 2)


Following up on Part 1 of my post, here is what the Rolling Stone Encyclopedia had to say about Rush in 1983.

It’s hilarious how much of the entry is devoted to Geddy Lee’s solo participation in the novelty song “Take Off“.

Why not talk more about the band’s musical achievements on their own albums?

The whole entry reads like a grudging acknowledgement of Rush’s album sales, with a tone of reluctance of having to recognize the facts. The compliments seem back-handed.

It strikes me as typically mean-spirited to focus on the commercial success of a tangential novelty song, rather than to describe in more detail the band’s interesting musical development and impressive album-length output.

Sigh… this entry “echoes with the sounds of salesmen” too much for my liking!

4 thoughts on “Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll 1983 on Rush (Part 2)

  1. Yup,I feel ya in this commentary!!! It seems that ANYONE and EVERYONE Loves to take aim at the ones who ACTUALLY HAVE……….some sort of “musical-TALENT” and have made a SUCCESS out of it!!! Rather than being a band of “All SHOW and no GO”!!! But ya know what? In an ironic-twist here………..I believe the “Musical-Gods” have smiled DOWN on Rush since the beginning,by making EVERYONE (and that INCLUDES all the “critics” of theirs whom have REMOVED themselves from speaking about their actual MUSICAL-TALENTS) notice what’s TRULY IMPORTANT for a band who’s been together for OVER 40-years!!! And that IS……..TRUE-DEDICATION to their “Craft” and by playing “Quality” music instead of worrying or caring about how “popular” they are!!! 🙂


  2. Michał

    This ‘Rush paperclip’ series is a truly excellent idea (And this is exactly what I love this blog for.). Not really being a fan, I still like their music quite a bit and have a huge respect for these guys as musicians.

    Hindsight only proves that nothing much has changed in the approach of the ‘establishment’ press to certain artists whom it is fashinable(?) not to like. Hindsight also proves how wrong (or simply off the mark) they (i.e. the press) can be.

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  3. carleolson

    Chris: You are assuming, as a gentleman and a scholar, that the RS gives a flying monkey’s banana peel about musical quality. But the RS has always been about political correctness, posing, and politics. As for the dig about humor, RS should know that all great artists have a sense of humor, even if it can be hard to find or kept under wraps. Because good humor, at the end of the day, reflects a proper attitude toward reality and truth: one with some humility and melancholy and joy, in equal measure. Which is probably why Communism and Islam have rarely, if ever, produced any meaningful works of art, music, and literature.

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