The Masterpiece ‘Awaken’ with Full Orchestral Treatment

This is an absolutely brilliant version of the Yes classic, Awaken, by Todmobile (whom I’ve never heard of until this) with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, and Jon Anderson on vocals.  I have never needed any convincing that this piece is incredible, but seeing this performance has only strengthened that conviction.  Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “The Masterpiece ‘Awaken’ with Full Orchestral Treatment

    1. Erik Heter

      He must really do a lot to take care of his voice, because he doesn’t seem to have lost anything with age,and I can think of very few vocalists of his generation about which I can say that.

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    1. Bryan Morey

      I saw him in concert last year, and it was incredible. He sounds exactly the same as he did 40 years ago. I believe he recorded a show from this past year and released it as an album. iTunes maybe?

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