AmericanProg and whatnot on

I wouldn’t normally descend so low as to engage in shameless self-publicity. But…

I am going to be doing an AmericanProg show which should be of interest to folks on here.



Progzilla Radio—the eleven-headed monster:
On 2 March, Progzilla Radio is going EXTRA LARGE!
The popular progressive rock music station will be expanding from Cliff Pearson’s weekly Live at Progzilla Towers to DAILY shows from ten new presenters covering every aspect of prog.
We have collected the cream of the UK broadcasting talent and we are launching the new, super-sized Progzilla Radio on 2 March at 20:00, with a live kick-off party, featuring all our presenters who will discuss their plans and play some of the music they’ll be featuring on their shows.
The list of presenters includes many names known throughout the industry, such as Jon Patrick, David Elliott, Stacy Doller, Emma Roebuck, Cliff Pearson, Brian Watson, Andrew Wild, Ed Wilkins, Geoff Banks and Ian Fairholm.
Each Monday
Stacy Doller starts the week with Prog Brittania—Stacy’s long-running and popular programme with all that’s good about current and classic British Prog Rock. And his socks.
Each Tuesday
A Certain Prog, presented by Ed Wilkins—the much needed youth perspective.
Each Wednesday
Live from Progzilla Towers with Cliff Pearson. Cliff’s usual mix of current and classic progressive music, irreverent humour, interviews, news and audience participation.
Each Thursday
Emma Roebuck takes you through the Diversity of Prog—sometimes mainstream sometimes arguably not prog but always interesting.
Each Friday
The Epileptic Gibbon One of the UK’s longest running podcasts comes to Progzilla! The Eppy Gibbon show is devoted to the best mixture of independent and small label prog rock, art rock, post rock, prog metal, jazz rock, folk rock, math rock, downtempo, chill-out, ambient electronica, IDM, chamber pop, folktronica, psychedelia, neo-classical, film & TV soundtracks and experimental/avant garde music.
Each Saturday
The Amazing Wilf brings you the best in British and European progressive music, with a particular focus on the current scene and occasional detours to the dim and distant past.
Each Sunday
The Geoff Banks Sunday Brunch – get bouncing on a Sunday morning!
Progzilla Sundays—punchy hour-long programmes on all aspects of Prog from four rotating presenters
• First Sunday of each month (starting 8 March)—Andrew Wild presents The Progzilla Files, exploring the dusty side roads of prog’s back catalogue
• Second Sunday of each month (starting 15 March)— Jon Patrick blatantly plugs The House of Progression live shows in London by playing the bands, interviewing them and forcing a few to record exclusive sessions. There will also be a bit of rock and some inspiring tunes.
• Third Sunday of each month (starting 22 March)— Brian Watson presents The American Prog Show- playing the best North American progressive rock past, present and future.
• Fourth Sunday of each month (starting 29 March)—a surprise big name presenter … oooh!
Come and listen to the show that never ends.


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