Pink Floyd: The Endless River

[This is a review I wrote for the Hillsdale Collegian, my college’s newspaper. The website says somebody else wrote it (presumably whoever posted it to their website), but it was yours truly. This is part of my failing attempt to progify Hillsdale College.] 

It truly is the end of an era. This past November, Pink Floyd released their final studio album, “The Endless River.” Pink Floyd is one of the most iconic bands in rock history, and they are one of the greatest progressive rock bands ever. They have influenced countless budding musicians over the years, and many of their album covers are easily recog­nizable pieces of pop culture. To see such an important band release their final album is bittersweet. It is, however, a fitting farewell.

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2 thoughts on “Pink Floyd: The Endless River

  1. Bryan, you are such an excellent and natural reviewer. Thank you. And, a quite note, did you buy the deluxe PF ENDLESS RIVER set? I saw it at BestBuy and thought it looked pretty amazing. Wondering if it’s worth it?

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    1. Bryan Morey

      Brad, your’e too kind. Thank you!

      I’ve only heard the review copy I received through Progarchy, but I believe that was the special edition, minus the videos. I haven’t seen the one you’re referring to, but, being PF, I’m sure it is good.



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