Jimmy Page and Alex Lifeson: Mutual Admiration Society

rush vault

bush_fAlex met his guitar idol Jimmy Page in 1998, when Page and Robert Plant were briefly reunited for a series of shows, one of which was in Toronto. Alex was home at the time and had been invited backstage to say hello, so he brought a copy of Victor, his 1996 solo album, to give to Page. “I was freaking out Victorand my hands were shaking,” Alex has said in interviews about that meeting.

But the admiration was mutual. Page has said that he has long been an admirer of Rush. That’s saying something when you consider how much disdain he held for a lot of the hard-rock bands that tried to look and sound like Led Zeppelin. First among the bands singled out for Page’s disdain over the years is Def Leppard, but Page really didn’t like any of the so-called hair bands. There was one exception: Whitesnake…

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3 thoughts on “Jimmy Page and Alex Lifeson: Mutual Admiration Society

  1. Wow,Excellent re-blog of this one Brad!!! NOT that MY personal opinion should matter all that much regarding this (being a self-taught drummer and NOT a guitarist!!!) BUT,the (3) MAJOR guitarist that I have ever heard and CONTINUE to listen to today,is The wonderously “inventive” Jimi Hendrix (that dude paved a NEW WAY for guitar-players by getting on a guitar and playing what he “FELT” and NOT by what he HEARD!!! ) 2) of course,is the PHENOMENAL Jimmy Page!!! Need I say ANY MORE regarding this man??? Lol. And of COURSE,last but CERTAINLY in any WAY,SHAPE or FORM…….is the MESMERIZING Sir Alex Lifeson who PERFORMS “Magic” each time he picks up his axe!!! Now please keep in mind,I’m NOT listing these players in ORDER of “importance” or of skill-level!!! I’m listing them in “random” order in general but seeing that pic above of Jimmy and Tony and Sir-Alex…….is probably a picture that will CONTINUE to be appreciated for DECADES on!!! ~Peace~


  2. LOL. Sorry folks,a little “grammatical” error in my comment above where I SHOULD’VE SAID “And of COURSE,last but CERATAINLY in any WAY,SHAPE,or FORM,NOT “LAST”…….is the…….etc.etc.etc.!!!

    Didn’t realize I couldn’t “edit” my comment once I post it on here,till NOW!!! Lol.



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