Muse Announces Pre-Order of New Album, Releases Music Video

Muse has announced the release of their new album, Drones, due out in early June. They have also released a music video to the song, “Psycho.” It sounds as if they have gone back to their earlier, heavier style, which the band said they would do on this upcoming album. Gone (from this particular song) are the synth-poppy sounds featured so heavily on The 2nd Law. In my opinion, the heavier, more basic rock sound is a good thing.

“Psycho” sounds, lyrically, like it could have been written by Roger Waters. Very much about mind control and being ordered around by those in authority (you’ll see what I mean in the video). Muse continues their long string of anti-big government and anti-oppression themes with this album. The album title, Drones, is fitting. I look forward to hearing the whole album. A word of warning about the music video – the song is marked as explicit on iTunes, for language (pervasive use of the F-word).

3 thoughts on “Muse Announces Pre-Order of New Album, Releases Music Video

  1. carleolson

    Thanks, Bryan, for this post. As you know, I’m a big Muse fan; I think the band is quite amazing, and overall I’ve been pretty taken with the trajectory of their albums. After downloading and listening to this first single, I’m on the fence. The music is pretty solid, but it sounds like Muse riffs and progressions we’ve heard before. And I’m not taken with the lyrics, which I think are pretty sophomoric, even without the swearing, which I found more distracting than offensive. I’ll need to hear the song in the context of the whole album; my guess is that the entire album will be very good, perhaps even great. But the opening salvo is underwhelming for me.

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    1. Bryan Morey

      Yes, Carl, I totally agree. I guess I should have said that the lyrics were thematically similar to Roger Waters, because they certainly aren’t on the same level as his lyrics. I guess I wrote this too late at night. :p There is certainly a lot of repetition in the lyrics, but, as you said, it needs to be heard in the context of the whole album. I think it will sound better then. Plus, I doubt Muse would release the best song first. That would be lame.

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  2. Erik Heter

    They certainly don’t seem to be fans of military culture in general if the lyrics are an indication. Like Carl, I’d like to get the full album context. An interesting listen though.



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