Throwing Copper: 20 Years Later


LivecopperI suppose when Live first emerged on the rock scene, they were categorized as Christian grunge?  Of course, I’m not exactly sure if they were Christian or not.

Pain lies on the riverside
And Pain will never say goodbye
Pain Lies on the Riverside
So put you feet in the water
Put your head in the water
Put your soul in the water
And join me for a swim tonight

I have forever, always tried
To stay clean and constantly baptized
I am aware that the river’s banks are dry
And to wait for a flood
Is to wait for life

I assume these are somewhat confessional, evangelical lyrics.  But, maybe the members of Live were just taking a point of view?  Certainly, the language on their albums is R-rated and, at times, rather sophomoric: “She’s a bitch, but I don’t care–everybody deserves some change”.  So, who knows?  Not that Christians can’t…

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