Inmateria (2015): @inmateria_ superb melodic prog rock from Chile ★★★★★

Holy smokes, this is one of the best albums I have heard all year!

Check out Inmateria’s eponymous 2015 album. It’s available in full on SoundCloud and YouTube… and it’s mind-blowing!

These accomplished musicians hail from Santiago, Chile:
Solange Sosa – Vocals
Daniel Frommer – Drums
Gabriel Varela – Keyboards
Luis Jaraquemada – Bass
Matías Armstrong – Guitars

I wish my language skills were much better so that I could know more of what she’s singing about so gloriously, but in any event Solange Sosa delivers a very impressive vocal performance.

The whole band is a prog dream come true. I love everything about this album: the unique yet classic style, the intricate arrangements, the impeccable musicianship, the epic flow of a remarkable prog concept album, and the fascinating melodies.

There’s lots of instrumental virtuosity layered throughout the tracks, in grand prog style:

1. Preludio (Instrumental) [01:54]
2. Lejos De Aquí [05:19]
3. Anormal [04:48]
4. La Inocencia (Instrumental) [02:48]
5. Fuera De Lugar [04:07]
6. En La Oscuridad [07:16]
7. La Búsqueda (Instrumental) [01:56]
8. Un Paso Atrás [03:57]
9. Flotar [07:01]
10. Epílogo (Instrumental) [02:58]
11. El Problema Del Mal [10:34]

Who knew that such incredible talent was residing down in Chile? Well, now you know!

Spread the word. This superb band deserves to become well-known and distributed world-wide.

I give this album my highest rating — five stars! — and I hope to hear much more from Inmateria in the future.

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