More April Fool Me

Sorry, everyone, the YES being inducted into the Hall of Fame was a false (April Fool’s) story.  Again, apologies.

Third time I’ve been had today!

3 thoughts on “More April Fool Me

  1. The fault was not Dr. Birzer’s, but mine and mine alone. I apologize to all the good folks, who like me, have come to love, trust, and cherish Progarchy for being the best site on the planet for the music we love. I was just having a bit of “arrested development” over at my own sorry excuse for a blog-let. My hope is of course that someday YES (along with the Moodies & Deep Purple, and….) are inducted, but knowing what a great guy Dr. B, is…I should have refrained from said post. I am truly sorry for any harm to this web site. – – Jay Watson

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  2. carleolson

    No! I mean, “Yes!” I mean, “Yes and no!” More seriously, isn’t the very idea of a rock ‘n roll “Hall of Fame” sorta contrary to the essential nature of rock music?

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