Muse Releases Another Single

So, Muse released another single. Umm. Well… the lyrics don’t suck as much as the last single, so that’s a plus. Sorry, I’m just trying to get the disturbing images from the lyric video for the new song, “Dead Inside,” out of my head. I won’t share the link with you because Progarchy is a family friendly site, and the video is, well, suggestive, at best. Think painted goldfinger Bond woman. Think 70s drug trip at a hippie concert with a lot of high, naked women. On second thought, maybe don’t think about that too much.

I will share with you a few live videos taken with cell phones at concerts, however. Musically, “Dead Inside” sounds rather 80s, but in a good way. I like the simple 80s drum sound, and Matt Bellamy’s voice is perfect, as always. I still need to hear the song in the context of the whole album, but the lyrics aren’t nearly as repetitive and annoying as those from “Psycho.”

There are also videos floating around the Tube of You of a song called “Reapers” that is on the album track list, but hasn’t been released yet. I can’t really understand the lyrics because the audio quality of the videos is so poor, but musically it sounds like a return to a more classic Muse sound. I also didn’t seem to hear overly obnoxious repetition either, and the guitar work is pretty freakin’ good. Bellamy is a vocal and guitar god. Overall, I think “Reapers” is the best song I have heard from the new album (out of the three I have heard), but, as of now, you can only see/hear the live versions. Watch, and see what you think.


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