Steven Wilson and the Union of Maples


So, Steven Wilson is sporting, like, the coolest t-shirt ever, on his current tour…

Check out the Danforth and Pape Facebook page if you want to learn how to get one yourself.


8 thoughts on “Steven Wilson and the Union of Maples

  1. Huh? Very interesting. Is this message missing the point of “The Trees” or am I? I’ve always understood it to be an anti-socialist lyric about “the maples” being unable to accept that “the oaks…like the way they’re made.” Out of an inferiority complex and perhaps jealousy they desire to cut down the oaks to their own size. However, given the direction that Canada has headed perhaps I was mistaken…or maybe that’s why Peart lives in California. If the t-shirt maker is correct, then it would seem incongruent with Peart’s philosophy during that same era.

    “And the trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe and saw.” Pretty brutal.

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    1. I think it fits the ironic spirit of the song, which ends with an irony-soaked happy ending: “Now there’s no more oak oppression, for they [i.e. the union of Maples] passed a noble law…”
      In the same spirit, the t-shirt ironically celebrates the end of oppression and the grand nobility of the Maples’ union.

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