Official Announcement from Radiant: Chris Thompson

Here’s the official press



April 15, 2014-Nashville. As of today, Chris Thompson is taking the helm at Radiant Records, the progressive rock independent label founded by Neal and Cherie Morse. Thompson will be responsible for overseeing Radiant’s current releases and distribution, and further expansion of the label.

Radiant currently serves as the in-house label for several of Morse’s artistic endeavors: his acclaimed solo work, and the Prog Award winning super-group Transatlantic. Radiant also serves as the label for Neal’s inspired worship albums. Additionally, Radiant sells releases by other leading progressive artists, as well as being the exclusive outlet for products from Morse’s #1-charting super-group, Flying Colors.

In addition to being a label, Radiant has a publishing arm, Big Hatter Music. There is also an in-house recording studio available for Radiant artists, and outside clients. Its high-end capabilities allow to also serve as the primary recording facility for Morse’s solo work, Transatlantic, and Flying Colors.

Radiant has direct label deals with other labels for some of Morse’s work, and serves as a primary label. Its North American distributor is Sony/RED through Metal Blade Records. In Europe, the distributor is Sony through New Century Media. In the digital realm, Radiant is a direct iTunes label.

“Chris’s dedication and service to people, combined with his knowledge and work ethic, are unsurpassed,” says Morse. “We are very excited that he is taking over the reins of Radiant Records and allowing me more time to focus on my calling in music.”

“I couldn’t be more excited by the chance to lead Radiant,” Thompson offers. “The only limit on our future is us-we plan on doing some amazing things to serve those who love the music. In addition to current mission, we will nurture and record new artists, leverage our iTunes label status to establish Radiant as digital distributor, and further expand into the global marketplace.”


Press Contact: Heather Thompson


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