Concert Review: Rush Rolls Back Time in Tulsa

Drew's Reviews

You’d think a band celebrating 40 years of touring and making music might sound a bit like a band that’s been touring and making music for 40 years.

Not so with the seemingly ageless Rush who is arguably more relevant now than at any time of their career.

The power trio hailing from Toronto, Canada that may or may not be calling it quits at the end of their current R40 tour got off to a stellar start on Friday at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK in front of a mostly sold-out crowd that watched them stroll back through their extensive catalog of albums starting with the present and ending in a makeshift high school gym.

Singer Geddy Lee, at 61 years young, rocked his vocals the entire night and seemed to be having way too much fun on bass as he traded-out guitars on nearly every song. Lee…

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