Marco Minneman’s Celebration – A Brief Review


Marco Minnemann, a true Renaissance man in the field of music, will delight listeners with his excellent solo effort Celebration. Minnemann, who plays all the instruments, showcases his talents on bass guitar, keyboards, guitar, and, of course, drums. The album has a metal/hard rock edge to it, but for the most part it sounds as if Frank Zappa himself is playing along. And like a typical Zappa album, Celebration has its quirks and idiosyncrasies, but it is an expression of pure talent and a joy to listen to. From the funky opener Miami to the hard-rocking Better Place, Minneman’s newest effort is a gem.

There are eighteen songs on the album, but the majority are under four minutes in duration. The longest – Print Club – is just under eleven minutes in length, granting Minnemann an opportunity to demonstrate his skill on the keys. If you find yourself craving a Zappa-influenced album by a top-notch musician, then this album is certainly worth a listen. You can purchase it here.


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