Metal Mondays: Next to None’s Debut Album

3655066_origTeenage prog metalers, Next to None, released their debut album, “A Light in the Dark,” today. Made up of Max Portnoy (son of Mike Portnoy) on drums, Ryland Holland on guitar, Kris Rank on bass, and Thomas Cucé on keyboards and vocals, this group of young men brilliantly traverse the world of progressive metal.  I had the opportunity to see them open for Haken at the first show of their tour, and they were outstanding.  Mike Portnoy has stated that these guys are doing things that he didn’t do as a musician until he was in his late 20s to early 30s. These guys are in high school! They really are outstanding.

Keep on the lookout for a Progarchy exclusive interview with the band in the coming weeks, as well as a review of the album.

The album is available through Inside Out Music, and it can be purchased on Amazon and iTunes.

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