Trey Gunn – The Waters, They Are Rising


If ever there was an album that deserved the classification “avant-garde,” this one would be it. Trey Gunn, former bassist and Warr guitarist for King Crimson, performs with various touch guitars on this album – and nothing else. A risky move in my opinion, but I believe Gunn pulls it off. Vocalist Dylan Nichole Bandy performs on the first and last tracks, but otherwise, this album is truly a solo effort. It is unlike any album I have listened to before: it has a haunting, ambient atmosphere, like some of Robert Fripp’s solo work, but with the unique touch of, well, touch guitars. The album comprises eleven tracks, four of which are live performances of a piece titled “Flood.” The first track, “Not Dark Yet,” is actually a Bob Dylan cover! It is a haunting piece, beautifully sung by Ms. Bandy. Tracks 2-10 are all gentle, eerie, ambient pieces, none of which are particularly memorable, although each is performed well. The final track, “The First Return,” features wordless vocals courtesy of Dylan Nichole Bandy. This is not an album that will get your adrenaline pumping, but it is a solid effort put forth by Gunn, a wizard with the touch guitar. Highly recommended for those who appreciate ambient music, or for those just looking for something different.



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