Haken and Mike Portnoy Playing DT

So, this is pretty awesome!  Mike Portnoy and Next to None joined Haken in playing the last music at the last concert at the Empire venue in Springfield back in May.  They play Metallica’s “Fade to Black,” Dream Theater’s “The Mirror,” with Mike Portnoy on drums,  and Queensrÿche’s “Empire,” with Mike Portnoy on bass!  Their version of “The Mirror” is definitely better than DT’s version on Breaking the Fourth Wall, and Ross Jenning’s voice fits this song so much better than James Labrie’s ever did, with no disrespect to Labrie.  The band video taped this, and the audio is pretty good.  Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Haken and Mike Portnoy Playing DT

    1. Bryan Morey

      Haha ya, Ross definitely has a very different voice than Tate, and there’s usually not a whole lot you can do about that :p Ross is one of my favorite metal vocalists though (for Haken’s music at least), mainly because it is so unique. No one really sings like he does.

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      1. Haha,I WAS sorta “half-kidding” when I made that remark there Bryan (KNOWING You’d reply to it!!! Lol.) But yes,I actually LIKED his voice while he was singing!!! VERY Smooth and VERY melodic indeed!!! And as You stated,it WOULD be awfully hard to sing like Geoff Tate as HIS VOICE is just AWESOME!!! But again,thanks for posting this video!!! I enjoyed watching it!!! 🙂


  1. What an amazing performance! Thanks for sharing. It is incredible what these two singers brought to “The Mirror”, it was definitely brilliant. Now I’ve got to get Ride the Lightning und Empire out…



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