Review: The Under – S/T

The Under cover

The Under is a Boston based band that really know how to mix different styles in their music. This June, Bostonians released a five-track self-titled EP, which with it’s almost 30 minutes brings organic, tasty sound.

No matter if you are more into rock, or if you enjoy it harder with metal, there is absolutely something for everyone. The EP’s structure relies mostly on the metal, but it’s prog rock, punk and alternative that make it different for The Under. The juxtaposition of vocals and guitar rhythms are appropriately contrasted: while Daniel Costa takes highs, his guitar will often help balance sound so as to not make the songs too asymmetrical.

The Under is a moving journey through the catacombs of haunting vocals, heavy riffs, and hard-hitting drums. “The Strengthening” opens the EP in a deliberately delicate style, with Costa’s vocals leading the song affectionately along. “The Fear” is less upbeat than the previous number, but its moving groove and Costa’s smooth shifting through the verses will make you nod your head during the song’s 6-odd minutes.

The Under

Throughout the first listens of the EP, the delicate and compassionate vocals of Costa seem to need many of the songs, but getting deeper into this material and nature of the harsh drumbeats and heavy yet fascinating guitar combine perfectly to provide each and every track with a real fragility. These are songs songs which work because of the multiple layers on which they are formed upon, most notably on “Insidious” where the mix of clean and brutal death metal vocals sets a fitting scene for the rest of instruments. “Apotheosis” is a chilling ode to alternative and progressive rock, and is the only instrumental piece on the EP. “The Harvest” gets the speed back with its thrash arrangements in the way of early Metallica.

2015 brought many great new releases, and although they are not newcomers on the scene, The Under will be a very pleasant surprise for many who look for something new and different. Make sure to check out this release.

Track listing:

1. The Strenghthening
2. The Fear
3. Insidious
4. Apotheosis
5. The Harvest

The Under are:

Dan Costa – vocals / guitars
Randy Odierno – drums
Ben Sternbaum – bass

The Under online:





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