The Total Prog Excellence of Toto: “Hydra” in My Head! @toto99com @yesofficial

So, here it is, five days after the concert happened, and today I wake up at 5am with the chorus from Toto’s “Hydra” running through my head!

Now, that song totally has one of the coolest riffs ever.

And, clocking in at 7:32, it is proof of Toto’s total prog excellence.

This was the third song into the set they played at their recent concert here with Yes.

Check out my review of the Toto and Yes concert for more details (such as the Toto song that stuck in my head immediately that night and kept on running through it during the post-concert, celebratory midnight burger session).

But isn’t it amazing proof of the indomitable catchiness of Toto’s songwriting excellence that FIVE DAYS LATER one of their hook-laden masterpieces is functioning as my own personal alarm clock?!

Truly amazing… what a band…

By the way, old glories like “I’ll Supply the Love” and “Hydra” and all the rest sounded even better in concert than they do on the original album recordings. How many times does that happen?!? Wow…

Again, more proof of Toto’s total prog greatness. They are the real deal.

And the royal prog family of Yes did right to anoint them and share the bill with them on this amazing tour!


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