The Eclectic Pop of Halloween, Alaska’s “Champagne Downtown”


From the “Everyone needs to have heard them at least once” department – and given their name, just in time for the All Hallows Eve season – I bring you a group that none other Sir Jem of Godfrey from the fabulous Frost* turned me (and hopefully many others) on to a few years back.

The band: Halloween, Alaska.
The album: “Champagne Downtown.”

Released in 2009, this Minnesota-based group won’t ever be mistaken for a Mellotron-heavy prog band writing album side-length epics, but give “Champagne Downtown” a few spins and let their vivid blend of pop and rock (with a dose of electronica) serve as your rainy-day and/or road trip soundtrack, and hopefully you’ll be hooked on this album.

Hardcore progheads should be impressed at their time sense; they can seemingly be playing a straight 4 and then shake things up with an additional few beats or extra measure, just to keep you on your ties.

It’s a brilliant, lovely album. Give these tracks a spin!

Halloween, Alaska – Champagne Downtown

Halloween, Alaska – In Order


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