Happy Birthday Progarchy

Tiger Moth Tales
Tiger Moth Tales

Although I have been absent from this site for a while in writing terms, I have still read every article written and agree with Brad that this is the most intelligent and well written music site on the interweb. I have been creating a new life for myself in a new country and slowly the pieces are falling together. In the meanwhile, can I point you all in the direction of The Storytellers album by Tiger Moth Tales. It is a great prog album that lends a style to Genesis circa Trick and Wind and Wuthering but because of the nature of the songs ranging from sleeping beauty to pied piper of Hamlin to Billy’s goats gruff it is a great way to get kids and in my case grand kids interested in the music. It is a fine album although I have yet to hear anything getting close to The Tangent release earlier this year ( not including the BBT ep coz it’s not an album)


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