Geddy Lee Experiences The Chaos of ALDS Game 5 and Calls in to The Dan Patrick Show

“We interrupt our PROGramming to bring you this prog-related aside…”

When not dominating stages throughout the land with Rush, you’re likely to find Geddy Lee occupying choice seats behind home plate at Toronto Blue Jays games, seeing as how he’s a HUGE baseball fan.

With the band having wrapped their R40 tour and with the Jays having reached the American League playoffs for the first time since 1993, it’s pretty much a given that Dirk will be there if he’s in town.

In case you missed last night’s mayhem in Toronto, feel free to Google “Blue Jays Game 5,” find the highlights, and then click below to hear Geddy’s reaction to what he saw at last night’s game.

Geddy also talks about his baseball memorabilia collection, Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson’s photographic contributions to the band, compares lead singers to starting pitchers and, if he could get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or the Baseball Hall of Fame, which would he choose…and is Rush really done touring?

By the way, the Jays eliminated the Texas Rangers to advance to the American League Championship Series, so it’s a safe bet that we’ll see our favorite bass player even more this October!

“We now join our regularly-scheduled PROGramming, already in progress (and still on the same epic song, no doubt).”

2 thoughts on “Geddy Lee Experiences The Chaos of ALDS Game 5 and Calls in to The Dan Patrick Show

  1. LOL. Is it just ME??? But the FIRST minute of hearing Geddy’s voice on the phone there,that did NOT WHATSOEVER……………….”SOUND” like Geddy-Lee!?!?! LOL. Of course,the longer I listened to the video,I COULD hear his voice sound like,what it’s ALWAYS sounded like,but the first minute or two,Haha,I thought they got some “imposter” to IMITATE Geddy!!! LOL. Anyway…….enjoyed this post.

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