Review: Prospective – Chronosphere


Prospective from Bologna, Italy recently released their debut EP “Chronosphere” on Bandcamp.

The first song on the six-track release is “Karma’s Lesson” which kicks off with an ambient intro, but soon enough takes its shape towards prog djenting, with vocalist Pietro Serratore clean vocals reminiscent of Tesseract’s Dan Tompkins. Serratore additionally does a lot of growling throughout the EP.

Immensely atmospheric “Dreamshade” is one of the band’s strongest representatives, as it defines in the best possible way what Prospective is about. Groovy guitars, effects and synth play are what makes this tune stands out, with vocals fitting perfectly to the overall concept. The mixture of post-rock, progressive rock, ambient and djent would be a stripped down definition of what this tune brings.

“Increase Pt. 1” is the slowest (read: the most atmospheric) and the shortest song on the EP; it’s dark and doomy and shows the other side of the band’s personality. The following “Increase Pt. 2” is 9-odd minutes long piece which in “short” summaries what these young Italians create. Serratore continues to shine, guitarists Davide Ruggeri and Luca Zini are nothing less short of showing their creativity and performance, and rhythm section comprised of Stefano Baldanza (bass) and Flavio Cacciari (drums) are on par with the rest of the band in terms of high quality performance. “Increase Pt. 2” is very riff-based piece, but guitar solos provide diversity.

“Explore” has a very Volumesque vibe and stands out with very matching clean vocals and melody in the chorus. This tune also knows how to groove. The closing “Chronos Speaks” sounds as the most prog tune on the record and is a great way to close this more than solid release.

All in all, the sound of “Chronosphere” is very good and powerful. This EP is definitely one of the stronger progressive/djent metal releases this year, and knowing that it comes from a newcomer on the scene it adds up to its value. Check it out!

Get “Chronosphere” on Bandcamp, and follow Prospective on Facebook.


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