The Real Opening Chord to “A Hard Day’s Night” (Randy Bachman’s Guitarology)

What is the first chord of “A Hard Day’s Night”?

F chord on a 12-string with a G on top and a G on the bottom and a C next to that G.

Then a D on the bass.

Then on rhythm guitar a Dsus4 (i.e., D with a G note).

Mind. Officially. Blown.

2 thoughts on “The Real Opening Chord to “A Hard Day’s Night” (Randy Bachman’s Guitarology)

  1. Very interesting. Though I’m not sure that I understand his chord description for the 12-string guitar without seeing what he’s doing. Perhaps he has a capo on the guitar or maybe he’s using his thumb on the bottom note. What matches the recording (and his audio, by the way) is a Dm9add11/A on a single guitar. Obviously I don’t dispute what he heard from Abbey Road, only that if someone is trying to replicate this based on his explanation it might be difficult. For those who play, the chord I use is pretty doable and I think it sounds right: 553533. Add the low D on the bass guitar and I think you have it.

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  2. Michał (npfh)

    I’ll have to check this out!

    A less well-known (well, obviously!) but similar example is the last chord of “Dangerous Curves” by King Crimson. The single most dissonant chord ever.



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