Interview with viseMenn


How did you go about forming viseMenn? Tell me about the distance you passed to shape the band as it is today?

We all come from different parts of the country and we all had been involved in different musical projects before we met, ranging from blues, rock, experimental, metal, classical, punk, pop, church-music, session-work, art-projects.. We met through the improv project «a Crack in Time and the Break of Dawn», we started playing together in relation to a couple of gigs and our individualities slowly started to shape into a band.

If I am not wrong, all of you guys worked before viseMenn on other projects. How do your previous experiences reflect on your work with viseMenn?

It is a growing process where you learn about who you are and who you are not, becoming aware of your own individual style helps keeping focus. We like the freedom of expression moving unrestricted between styles and perceive music more in terms of atmospheres and moods rather than musical genres. From «a Crack in Time and the Break of Dawn» jamming and improvising has made us better instrumentalists and improved our ability to be present in the musical performance. The pure spontaneous joy of performing/creating music is an essential part of our musical motivation.

Begging You Please

Tell me about the creative process of the “Begging You Please” single. How would you describe the sound of it, or how would you describe your music in general to someone who didn’t listen to you before?

We wanted the song to have it’s own signature. We wanted it to reflect a bit of who we are and where we come from. We don’t come from a big city metropole and we felt that a fashionable urban sound would not be right. Where we come from is a place with few people and lots of nature that can shift from extremely dark, heavy and depressed to indescribable beautiful, bright and blissful. In a way this is our cultural inheritance. In many ways this is also the best way to describe our music.

Did you guys equally share songwriting duties for the single?

When we come together Helge brings a sketch for a song, everybody brings their interpretations and personal style to the table and together that is what makes viseMènn.

Are you satisfied how “Begging You Please” turned out to be? Is there anything from this point that you would change or do differently?

Yes, we are very happy. Cenzo Townshend of Decoy Studios did a tremendous job of mixing it all together and enhancing our intentions. Precious is the experience that we bring onwards to the next project.

I suppose that “Begging You Please” is an introduction to your upcoming full-length release. If so, what can we expect from the album? When do you plan to release it? How much will it differ from the actual single?

Yes, we are working on an album, shape and form constantly evolving and time being a relative measure has to be related to us being artists, but shall we say next summer? Hopefully it will differ, in a brotherly fashion.

How do you see the Norwegian rock scene today?

Norway has lots of very talented musicians. The rock scene is generally shifted towards the heavier more aggressive sides. Original bands often struggle to find an audience as most people prefer cover/party bands.

“Begging You Please” is available from iTunes. Follow the viseMenn on Facebook.


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