Review: Pearly Gates – Unchained EP

Pearly Gates - Unchained EP

Pearly Gates hail from Finland and they bring us music that picks up influences from plenty of musical styles. They released 6 EP’s so far, with “Unchained” being their most recent one. Pearly Gates songs interact a lot with metal, jazz, and even pop.

“Unchained” is comprised of four songs that show influences from likes such Tool and Graveyard. Fans of both mentioned bands will find something interesting in this release. Besides, a great chunk of Porcupine Tree’s influence is channeled through “Unchained.”

The opening piece “Glass Eyes” is a true masterpiece of the EP. It starts with a calm guitar voicing and is plastered with prog-y clean vocals. “Sİnk Hole” comes along with far more aggression in its structure. The most striking thing about “Unchained” are Jonne Nyberg’s vocals. The stylistic change towards more grungy and alternative rock vibe is emphasised through this piece. The title song is recorded live, and is an acoustic piece that slows things down and gives this recording diversity. Its folkiness makes the overall sound of “Unchained” a little bit warmer. The closing “Free Fall” crosses over pop and rock almost constantly during its 5-odd minutes; it’s another piece that’s nothing like the previous songs, what speaks a lot about how much “Unchained” is diverse.

Pearly Gates’ “Unchained” is a perfect mixture of popular culture of rock music and progressive rock. There is no clear line between modern and vintage on this EP. Definitely worth a listen!

Buy “Unchained” from Bandcamp, and make sure to follow the band on Facebook.


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