Review: Below A Silent Sky – Corrosion

Below A Silent Sky
Photo credits: Marco Klette
German progressive/post-metal band Below A Silent Sky have been around since 2012, and the quartet from Ilmenau released their debut album titled “Corrosion” this September. The album showcases that the band doesn’t afraid to explore their creative abilities and to push the boundaries and definition of their style of progressive metal.
Below A Silent Sky have managed to come up with an album which represents a mental journey that transcends the listener onto a whole another planet. The multi-dimensional, multi-layered six-track release should ideally be perceived as a single track rather than six individual. The creative brilliance of the band oozes through this masterpiece and it should definitely earn the band a level of respect from fans and critics alike.

Below A Silent Sky’s “Corrosion” is an enjoyable piece of music for just about any setting but it’s perhaps the best “travel album” released in 2015. When you are traveling, this album makes for the ideal companion, and before you realise it, the album compels you to loose yourself in an introspective world. A work of genius highly recommended for fans of progressive, experimental music.

Check out “Corrosion” on Bandcamp, and become a fan of Below A Silent Sky on Facebook too.


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