Review: ZAYN – Fields of God


“Fields of God” by ZAYN is huge, superbly brilliant, and an absolute joy to listen to, though it may sound as a very dark release. Combining post-metal with a progressive rock vibe, psychedelia and tons of other elements, Zayn’s new album is a masterclass in the creation of music and throughout its playtime, it will encapsulate the listener and give them an extraordinary piece of music, even though this is an instrumental album.

“14,1” is the album opener, and it starts the chain which never really ceases. Clever ambient patterns trace the way for the rest of the material presented on “Fields of God,” which is accompanied with plethora of heavy riffs in a doom metal way, and shrieking guitar solos that are right between psychedelic and space rock, on steroids. Take “Ungodless” for example.

“Vicarivs Filii Dei (Animal Rituals)” and the title song are among the gems of this album, perfectly crafted in every sense with fan(t)astic swirling patterns and spiralling drumwork. These tunes invoke more than just appreciation for music, and talent, but unearth attitudes that few songs can manifest.

“Fields of God” is incredible, it’s only detraction is that it isn’t longer. But, considering that the band is already working on a new material, this is great while in transit.

Purchase “Fields of God” here, stay tuned for more ZAYN news on Facebook and via their official website.


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