2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ol’ Blue Eyes!

  1. carleolson

    Quite a bit, at least indirectly: https://progarchy.com/2015/12/08/frank-sinatra-grandfather-of-prog-rock/

    As for Sinatra not being a “very nice man”, the same could be said for a host of great musicians, authors, artists, and others. Beethoven was not a very nice man. Bing Crosby was apparently a jerk. The art should be appreciated apart from the personal life.

    That said, there are a LOT of stories about how Sinatra was not only kind, but generous, to his fellow musicians and songwriters. Many, many stories. But if you crossed him, well, he was hell on earth. I highly recommend reading Will Friedwald’s book Sinatra: The Song is You.



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