Interview with Kardashev

Kardashev Lineup

In 2015, Tempe, Arizona based prog death metal band Kardashev returned with a new album titled “Peripety.” In the interview below, they tell us about the new material.

Alright, first things first. Before we dive into all the music stuff, how’s life?

Life is extremely good! We’ve really enjoyed the small amount of down time that we’ve had over the past month.Its kind of like getting home from work and you finally get to sit on your favorite chair. Of course, we don’t want too get lazy, either!

Speaking of new music, you have a new album. What can people expect from Peripety?

We do indeed! We tried to make Peripety an emotionally moving experience. It was important to allow people to really soak into the album while also keeping the fast and aggressive moments that we really enjoy in metal. But truthfully, its hard to say what people can, or will, expect. We really want each listener’s experience with Peripety to be unique. So, the best answer is that people can expect a meaningful experience from the album. Where they go from there…who knows?

What was it like working on the album?

It was a really interesting process. Writing Peripety put us all to some serious technical and mental tests. We spent a lot of time writing music that was out of our comfort zones, and allowing the songs to develop as they needed to. The whole process stuck to one rule – “If it sounds good, it is good”. We tried to stay away from any decisions based on what would be popular or appeal to any demographic. Of course, in the end its unavoidable to write without at least some thought of whether or not people will like it. We set out for Peripety to be a very honest album, and so there was no room for settling on riffs that we didn’t like, or for walking on eggshells with each other. If a take needed to be redone, we said so. If the lyrics didn’t fit, we rewrote them. Luckily we all were able to see the big picture and keep our egos in check.

Peripety - Album Cover

Are there any touring plans in support to “Peripety”?

We really want to play the album live, but we aren’t entirely sure of what our approach will be. We have toured before, and its a tricky business. We’ll put it this way – if we find or create an amazing tour opportunity, we’ll definitely take it. Otherwise, we’ll mostly be playing “weekend warrior” types of shows in the neighboring states.

While we’re on the subject of touring, what countries would you love to tour?

We had the amazing opportunity to play in The UK this past July, and it was an awesome experience. We played at UK Tech Metal Fest, and it definitely made us want to travel more. Truthfully, we would love to go anywhere. If there are Kardashev fans in Germany, Norway, Japan, Singapore, Peru, or any other place, we would absolutely love to meet them.

Who and what inspires you the most?

This is a really hard question. If we stripped all of the things we love the most down to the core, the answer would probably be simplicity. It may sound a bit silly, but the things that move us the most are the things that are free and accessible. Playing an acoustic guitar next to a fire, a long walk or car ride, the act of giving something away, these are all beautiful things that are often overlooked. Nature inspires us quite a bit as well. The paintings that make up the album art are landscapes and sunsets. The music video for Lux is made of aerial shots of mountains and fields. The chorus for Somnus references the monsoons in the Arizona desert. The nature of things as they are can often be absolutely breathtaking.


What other genres of music do you listen to?

Across all of us the common genres are probably ambient electronic, folk, some indie, tons of movie soundtracks, and even the droning sounds of Nest and Saåad.

Have any of the other genres you listen to had any impact on your playing?

Of course! The biggest impact on this album came from the ambient, droning music that we listen to. We loved the idea of letting some songs create an atmosphere by allowing them to go on for a long time. Why rush when you can savor?

I really appreciate you giving us your time today. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us and the fans before we wrap things up?

Only how thankful we are! When we started this whole Kardashev thing, we had absolutely no idea where it would go. Every success we have had is truly because of all of the amazing people we have met through our music. So if anyone reading this has shared our music, told a friend about us, or even just said hello to us at a show – know that we truly do appreciate you.

Kardashev are on Facebook here.


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