A Brief Remembrance of 90125

yes 90125
One of the most important reboots ever.  November 7, 1983.

Funny how certain moments leave profound impressions.  The winter months always make me think of Yes’s 90125.  I very well remember purchasing the album on its release, November 7, 1983.  For months, every night, I listened to it on my headphones, after dinner and in the dark, sometimes two or three times.

I’d been a good Yes fan since first hearing Yessongs in 1973.  As I’ve mentioned before on progarchy, I fell in love with every aspect of Yessongs–the art and music.

Of course, I knew 90125 represented a huge break with the past, but it seemed like a rather brilliant break.

I’ve never stopped loving 90125.  It’s pretty much been in constant rotation since I first heard it at the age of 16.

I wish I had something profound to write about it at the moment.  I don’t.  Except, thank you Trevor, Chris, Trevor, Alan, Tony, Eddie, and Jon.

3 thoughts on “A Brief Remembrance of 90125

  1. 90125 means a lot to me. In 1984 I had no idea what “Prog” was, but I knew I liked these current albums by Yes and Genesis. Even more I loved going to record stores and looking at the crazy ass covers from their 70’s albums and wondering what this music really sounded like. I later did find out and these continue to be a couple of my top bands.

    90125 is still a bit of an oddity. It had a contemporary sound for that time but imo the production hasn’t aged well. It is however an artifact, the material here is uniformly strong. Thats what makes the difference between this and bands from the period who may have had a couple of decent songs and contemporary production, but were by no means great bands. To drive the point home, this incarnation of Yes could also double down live. If you don’t believe me, listen to 9012Live.


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