The Maestro Returns

Long-time Progarchy favourite Andy Tillison has not been in the best of health recently, following a heart attack in July last year. But an operation in October equipped him with shiny new ‘bionic arteries’ and he began a tentative return to music in December, culminating in this week’s announcement of a wealth of new material on the horizon.


First up, and pre-ordering now for a probable March release, is the aptly-titled Machte es Durch – third in the series of solo albums exploring Andy’s interest in Berlin school electronica and ambient music. This release features a lengthy homage to the late Edgar Froese, lynchpin of Tangerine Dream. I, for one, can’t wait to hear this!

Other work includes a small part in Karmakanic’s new album, a second release from Andy’s jazz-rock Multiplex project, a ninth Tangent album (in its very early stages as yet) and a mysterious project that Andy tantalisingly refers to only as ‘a remake of a totally obscure concept album from a highly unlikely source’. Sounds intriguing!

All in all, amazingly productive from a man still recovering from a life-changing event.

Welcome back Andy. We wish you continued good health in 2016 and look forward with excitement to what the coming year has in store…


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