“Moment of Betrayal” — Astonishing new Dream Theater track!

Billboard has the exclusive premiere of the audio track “Moment of Betrayal” so go click on the link and go take a listen. Nice guitar solo just after the 4:00 minute mark.

The double album is a multicharacter story that’s divided into two acts. It was inspired by co-founder/guitarist John Petrucci’s love of science fiction and such franchises asGame of ThronesStar Wars and The Lord of the Rings, but also from an observation he has made about modern-day society.

“I was thinking of all of the things now that people used to do that they don’t do anymore because they’re automated or done by robots: lots of jobs, self-driving cars coming right around the corner,” he explains. “My thought was, ‘What would happen if with all the advances in technology in music that music [became] all artificial?’ ”

Billboard is exclusively premiering the first vocal track from act two, “Moment of Betrayal.” The song is about Gabriel communicating to his brother Arhys that he has a plan that he thinks can save them, “but there’s a betrayal theme that’s going on in the story that comes to a head,” says Petrucci.

One thought on ““Moment of Betrayal” — Astonishing new Dream Theater track!

  1. Bryan Morey

    I have kept my anticipation remarkably low for this album, even though their last album was my first introduction to the band. Over the past year, I have become a huge DT fan, and basically all of their albums are on a frequent rotation. With that said, I definitely prefer the Portnoy DT “sound” to the Mangini DT “sound.” I can’t explain it, but Mike Portnoy just adds something special to the music he creates, and I think that is what set DT apart as a band for so long. Mangini was never really a part of a band over his career. He’s an excellent technical drummer, as well as a fantastic teacher, but I don’t see how he really adds much creatively. MP added so much to the music, lyrics, stage show, and that became part of the DT way. It is just so different now.

    I do like this song and am looking forward to the new album, just not as much as I am looking forward to whatever MP has in store for us this year.



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