Dream Theater’s Rebellion

Not sure what is going on, but I received this in email this afternoon.  Definitely more interesting than the upcoming Iowa Primaries.

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People of the Realm, as far as this message will be carried, those who seek true purpose! This is Arhys, Son of Marhys, an heir to the displaced and forbidden Legion Of Sorrowful Song, and elected Commander of the ever-burgeoning fierce loyalist warriors of the Ravenskill Rebel Militia. Yes, I declare our impending rebellion to be, in point of fact, one of true loyalty. We are no loyalists to the stagnant, disgraceful Empire, no. We swear our allegiance to the principles upon which this Empire once stood and to the valiant, resilient, and endlessly exploited people the corrupt Empire purports to serve.
I did not come upon this quarrelsome viewpoint lightly. Like you, I believed a life of service to the Empire, forfeiting my own desires and destiny to toil for leaders whose cups runneth over with the spoils of our stolen successes, to be my destiny. I understand that my words, to say nothing of my deeds (both of the past and those to come), must ring of treason to many of you as you discern this message for yourselves. But I bring glad tidings. I come to you with a message of hope! For I have not only heard the melodious thunder, the Astonishing power of newfound legend, but I know Gabriel, the Chosen One, in the most thorough of ways, for he is my kin, my blood brother, a fellow heir to the Legion of Sorrowful Song, an Uncle to my own heir, Xander, son of Arhys. Gabriel is no mere rumor nor false prophet nor seeker of ungodly power of his own. Gabriel is but a humble servant, a man whose passion exceeds the expectations of the age, who yearns for greater freedom through creativity for not only the people of our fairest Ravenskill but for all of humankind stretching across all of the known Realm.
Prepare thy heart for the truth I must reveal to you and please, I plead with you, my fellow citizens, to unburden yourselves of the yoke of service to an Empire that no longer serves you. What I am about to recount to you may shake your conviction, but I assure you, it will result in the emergence of stronger character and a will to fight! For I hath seen and many others bore witness to the Royal Family – yes, the Emperor and his kinfolk – enthralled by the wondrous supernatural power of Gabriel their very selves! Forgive any appearance of impropriety, but as the spirit of my beloved widow no doubt would attest from worlds beyond, I saw the most exquisite Empress Arabelle and fair Princess Faythe visibly moved by the song of Gabriel, who summoned sounds that would still the most highly-programmed NOMAC imaginable with but an utterance. Take heed, my brethren, and hear this truth: ‘tho but for a moment, Lord Nafaryus himself was moved! To this many a witness will attest! Under cover of shadow and protective cloak of townsfolk, I hurried my brother off to the courageous care of our Rebel Militia.
Had the Emperor and his family not learned the rumors to be comprised of verifiable truths, why must he be so nakedly fearful of the oncoming change this Empire must endure? Know this: Gabriel, the Chosen One, will not be silenced. He will continue to explore, strengthen, and share his gifts, even as word of the hope he brings to the Realm continues to spread like the wildfires churning endlessly upon Prayer Rock Ridge. The Ravenskill Rebel Militia and the bordering Rebel Forces who share in our hunger to free ourselves from the yoke of oppression stand at the ready to defend true liberty. Let any who would do harm to my brother know they face the might of Commander Arhys, of the growing legion of fighters who’ve taken hold the flag of justice and expression, all of us united in the protection of the Chosen One and the liberation of all.
Stand in Gabriel’s light. Draw strength from his promise. The prophet of Ravenskill will not stand down. As ever, I implore you, with love and graciousness, to Seek the Songs.
NEW YORK, NY 10019

One thought on “Dream Theater’s Rebellion

  1. Bryan Morey

    Ha, I got this email too. I kinda figured you would sign up for the rebellion email list :p

    Have you noticed the extreme similarity between this album’s artwork and that of Megadeth’s new album? Not to mention a very similar theme.



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