Piotr Grudzinski, RIP

Piotr GrudzińskiIt is with immense sorrow that we report that Riverside’s Piotr Grudzinski has passed away.  This appeared this morning at Riverside’s Facebook page:

With great pain and disbelief, we inform you that our dear friend and brother Peter Grudziński left us this morning. We ask that you respect the privacy of the family and loved ones.


In our deepest pain and disbelief we would like to inform you that our dearest friend and brother Piotr Grudzinski has passed away this morning. We kindly ask you to respect the privacy of his family and friends.

May we all keep Piotr and his family in our prayers and best thoughts.  This is a terrible loss.

3 thoughts on “Piotr Grudzinski, RIP

  1. Michał

    Such a sad sad loss… I cannot believe it… My (and the band’s) thoughts go to Piotr’s family and friends.

    (In April Riverside were to play in a club situated 200 meters from where I live, we were planning to be there. I would never have thought that things would turn out this way…)

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  2. Bryan Morey

    Wow, this is really sad. I saw on Mike Portnoy’s twitter that he saw Piotr at the Winery Dogs concert in Warsaw the night before. So unexpected.



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