Coming Out of the Closet: Big Big Train as #1

Rust never sleeps. It remains alive in song.

After years of struggle and some serious denial, I’ve finally come out of the closet.

BBT is my favorite band.

There, I wrote it.

Had you asked me two weeks ago, I would not have hesitated: Talk Talk, followed closely by Rush.  Then, I might’ve said something akin to “Of new bands, my favorite is Big Big Train.”

Change doesn’t always come easily to me, especially when it involves issues of loyalty.  I’m not even sure how many years it took me to realize I liked Talk Talk better than Rush, and, of course, the “like” was incremental.  If Rush is at 100, then Talk Talk is at 101.

Big Big Train, however, is now 102.

I suspected this the other day as I listened to THE UNDERFALL YARD for who knows how many times.  Well, actually, I do know how many times.  One can readily find years of stats accumulated on and by iTunes.  Yes, unquestionably, Big Big Train ranks higher than either Talk Talk or Rush in terms of numbers of plays.

It’s not just perception on my part, it’s actual fact.

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