STONE AND STEEL: July 4, 2016 (North and South America)


After lengthy consideration, we have made a difficult decision to amend the release dates for the Stone & Steel Blu-ray and download film.


Monday 21st March 2016 – UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Monday 4th July 2016 – Rest of the world.

We have been carrying out tests of the pre-production pressing of the Blu-ray and have been liaising with industry consultants. We have a concern that the Blu-ray may not play correctly on a small number of Blu-ray players in the rest of the world (as defined above). It is impossible to identify exactly how many players may be affected (it is more likely to be older players) and so we have decided to produce a second pressing for the markets which may be affected. This pressing will meet all of the technical requirements of those markets and will be released in those countries on 4th July. The download version will also be released on that day.

We believe that the initial pressing meets all technical requirements in all other countries. However, we have delayed the release in these areas by a week due to the prolonged nature of the testing process.

We do apologise for the inconvenience and for any disappointment. We have developed considerable expertise in audio releases in recent years. However, Stone & Steel is our first video release and it has proven to be a steep learning curve for us. Unfortunately, the technical aspects of producing a video release for different worldwide markets are extremely complicated.

Customers in the rest of the world who have purchased Stone & Steel directly from us will receive an email this week and will be offered a full refund if they do not wish to wait until July. Customers who have purchased from other retailers will be contacted directly by those retailers if their order is affected.

Andy Poole's photo.

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