Keith Emerson’s Death Should Serve as a Warning

Progressive Music Planet

Keith_Emerson_&_Moog_15May10Keith Emerson committed suicide on Thursday, March 10th. This is not something that many people can or will be able to understand. It’s impossible to know just how depressed he was over not being able to play the keyboards the way he used to. He was apparently dreading an upcoming Japanese tour. While I am sure those fans wouldn’t have minded him not being perfect (or even far from that), it does little to quell the demons that were inside.

As someone who has fought my own demons, I still cannot fathom that moment when death was a better option than living. We don’t have to understand it, but we need to be understanding of it. Mental health problems still come with such tremendous stigma and shame. As we age, depression is sure to contribute heavily to our already strained mental capacity. It doesn’t get better.

I’m sure many people…

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