Return to Sky by Causa Sui

CausaSui_ReturnToSkyCausa Sui’s new album Return to Sky is a salve for all that ails.  Job getting you down? Return to Sky….  Currents in politics creeping under your skin? Return to Sky….  Need to plug in directly to the earth goddess and feel the electricity pulse through your body in its physical and pataphysical entirety? You know where to go.

With strong whiffs of stoner rock masking an ambitious aesthetic rooted in the great musical confluence that was 1969/71 — for witness here a tendency towards Hendrix’s Machine Gun, Can’s Tago Mago, Amon Duul II’s Yeti, and anything by Miles Davis in this fertile era — Return to Sky would roughly and more contemporaneously fit next to albums by Pelican or Comets on Fire, with a pronounced appreciation for gradation of the spectrum, a treatment of light I find northern European bands to be really good at.  So the wah-ed and phaser-ed bass-heavy riffing is balanced by a gentler chorded counterpoint that gives the music a drift to go along with the drone.  And while this is no doubt a band effort, guitarist Jonas Munk’s role here makes sense, although if you’re only familiar with his work as Manual, one of the great ambient artists of the last two decades, you may be surprised at his more traditional heroics with Causa Sui.  Munk’s melodic reliability in either setting, however, is a kind of a haven, so that even the challenges contained in the art contain a soothing aural wash of sound/color.

There is a tremendous live feel to Causa Sui’s music, as if you’ve walked in on a band that’s really cooking and there are no mics and no crowd, they’re just getting off on the jam and the lightning.  Return to Sky is the thunder.

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