Jim Trainer’s Unused Painting for The Underfall Yard

As I’ve mentioned before, Jim Trainer is one of my favorite painters.  The man can capture the mythical essence of reality better than anyone I know.  As much as James Marsh is connected with Talk Talk, Hugh Syme with Rush, and Roger Dean with Yes, Trainer is connected with Big Big Train.  His work is some of the finest I’ve ever seen, and I’m quite proud that progarchy HQ is decorated with a framed, original Trainer painting.

Today, on Facebook, Trainer posted an unused painting for Big Big Train’s 2009 masterpiece, THE UNDERFALL YARD.  Not surprisingly, it’s simply glorious.  So, with Trainer’s permission (thank you, Jim!), I’m reposting the painting, three extracted crops, and his comments.

For what it’s worth, I strongly disagree with his own criticism.  I think this painting perfectly captures the mood and themes of Spawton and Co.


The main painting.

Trainer’s description: “Promised Rob Aubrey an old sketch from the Underfall Yard illustration set but when I found it I was so disappointed with it. Spent last night and this afternoon trying to turn it around….not sure if I’m there yet but I think I’ve done enough to let it go. Clouds are still not right but might never be.”

Fabric tearing.

Trainer: “Tearing apart the fabric of British society – describes the album themes well – I thought.”

Trainer: “Crop of the guys”



Close-up of the power station.

Trainer: “I was never sure if I was illustrating a power station or a wheel house. Whatever it is at least it is spewing out psychedelic waste!”

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