soundstreamsunday: “Esperanza Villanueva” by Sun River

Sun River is a project including singer/songwriter Martin Rude and Causa Sui’s Jonas Munk and Jakob Skott. This track is from the self-titled album that came out in 2012, a lovely record that floats you down the river gently and a bit psychedelically. While Nick Drake and Tim and Jeff Buckley comparisons are tempting and not altogether inaccurate, with its freak folk aesthetic there’s more of a Devendra Banhart vibe going on, and the Shins also come to mind with the organic arrangements. Munk and Skott’s electro-acoustic accompaniment is spot on, perfect for Rude’s vocal and the songs. “Esperanza Villanueva” caught my attention from the outset, with its guitar break consuming the song in slow burn, but I highly recommend the album as a whole, for it is a beautiful achievement.

3 thoughts on “soundstreamsunday: “Esperanza Villanueva” by Sun River

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