Album Review: Weezer’s “White Album” ★★★★★

It’s been over twenty years since Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” temporarily entered onto your hard drive, and forever into your heart, thanks to that Windows 95 install CD. Despite a fistful of great songs and some really good albums since then, Weezer has never recreated the magical sense of joy and awe that the “Blue Album” evoked in us when we saw what a garage band could do to change the universe and blow our minds. Although 2014’s Everything Will Be Alright in the End was a surprising solidly enjoyable Weezer album from start to prog-epic finish, the “Blue Album” has never been eclipsed. Until now.

With 2016’s “White Album,” Weezer has released their finest album ever. Full stop. Every cut absolutely slays it, as the decades since the “Blue Album” yield a harvest of songwriting maturity that pairs perfect sonic sensibilities with poetically beautiful, philosopher surfer-dude lyrics.

The killer slabs of guitar, that trademark Weezer garage sound of glory, wins you over right out of the gate with “California Kids.” From there on, the abundance of non-stop outstanding tracks permits you to pick your own favorites from the panoply of richly melodic delights.

I’m partial to the fervid rap patter of “Thank God For Girls,” which reclaims stream of consciousness from the louche rap icons, to serve it up with superior musical accompaniment (drums and bass just as the California kids have ordered) and with sagely observations harkening as far back as the Sears catalogue and Adam’s rib.

“L.A. Girlz” is another favorite, thanks to that classic onslaught of the patented Weezer wall of power chords, but there are also surprising new pleasures here, like the nostalgic “(Girl We Got A) Good Thing” and the piano-driven “Jacked Up.”

Ooo-wee-hooo,  consider me pleasantly blindsided by this unexpectedly epic achievement by Weezer.  It’s a classic. Five stars!


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