Bits and Pieces of Big Big Train

Big Big Train

If you dig around a bit, you’ll find that Big Big Train has been slowly but surely releasing parts (big and small) of the new album, FOLKLORE.

The band has sent review copies out to print magazines, to British radio stations, and to a few others, but not yet to websites.

For us North American die-hard fans–just remember: STONE AND STEEL will eventually make it here, and so will FOLKLORE.  We just have to be patient and trust the band’s release and marketing strategy.

Here, below, are a few snippets available now.


About 13.5 minutes into this podcast, you can hear a single from the new album.

Johan Reitsma has heard the full album, reporting this on Facebook:


Davids voice sounds a little different at times. He still sounds very much like, well, David. But sometimes he’s a bit more gravelly. There are moments in ‘Brooklands’ where some might confuse him with Peter Gabriel. It fits the music and his storytelling on the album very well.

As David hinted in his first blog ( Folkore is really all about storytelling. That’s in the lyrics, the delivery but also very much in the music. Greg wrote ( about how the subtext of ‘London Plane’ is the passage of time. Well, you can HEAR that. (Or maybe that’s just my imagination.) 

Yesterday I wrote that Folklore might be Big Big Train’s best work to date. While I wrote it, I thought maybe it’s a little early for such a big conclusion. Today I think, although it indeed was early, it’s the right conclusion.
APRIL 21)The crow has landed! Folklore. We all know Big Big Train’s music needs a little time to sink in and to unfold and bloom completely. That’s why I will review the album ten times. Or, better, I will take ten days to complete this review. I will write about my first impression today and will update this tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow after tomorrow. Etc. Up to ten updates. (Today: 1/10)I’ve heard the album twice and I can say two things: BBT is proggier than ever on Folklore. And (dare I say it?) poppier. I mean that in a positive way, I keep humming those melodies. They are very (!) catchy at times. “Telling the beeeeees.”I don’t want to be too enthusiastic yet (i have nine review-days to go wink emoticonWho knows, maybe i’ll get bored with this music on day three.) But I’m afraid I have to tell you that Folklore is BBT’s best album to date! More tomorrow.


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