Piling on Dream Theater

There’s a great new comment over on our review “The Astonishing Pile of Crap from Dream Theater” :

I have been a DT fan from the beginning. This review is spot on. Astonishing was the biggest pile of crap I ever heard. I too got tickets to the show before listening and trusting my fav band would deliver. I was so wrong. They played the entire pile of crap for hours. I was looking around and everyone in audience was trying so hard to get into but just couldn’t. Fan’s faces looked so confused. All the applause was sympathy in my opinion. I think the only way to save this train wreck is for Portnoy to come back and grab the steering wheel!

One thought on “Piling on Dream Theater

  1. Haha. It’s amazing and mildly entertaining to see so many fans respond to the new material in such a reactive, dramatic, hurt, insulted, and practically betrayed manner. As far as I can remember there were no surprises about this tour. I was of the understanding that only the new material would be featured. I knew what I was getting. Personally, I bought the album and listened only once in it’s entirety before seeing the San Francisco gig. I had little exposure to the material going in and I still went into the Fox Theater with no expectations. Now I’ve been a fan since 96. And I’ve seen them 15 times live since 98. Portnoy was my favorite drummer and he along with the rest of the band broadened my musical horizons and made me pick up the drums. I took it hard when he left the group. With that being said, I still enjoyed this Astonishing Live gig and my friend and I had a GREAT exprience. It was different and far removed from their usual offerings, but it was awesome. We had 5th row seats and we were blown away by all the elements of the show, including the music. Cheesiness aside, there are great elements that cant’t be denied. I personally can hear Floyd, Marillion, and Elton John in the new material and I can appreciate that. It’s sweeping, orchestral, and lush sounding. Jordan, JP and James shine on these discs and onstage. For once their talents are brought to center, more so Jordan and James, and it’s as if the music was written to better accommodate James’ range, timbre and tonal abilities and he totally killed it live. I’ve never had such admiration for him as a singer and performer. Mangini and Myung played more supportive roles this time around, but it served the music well and leant itself to the entire production. Did the group fail? NO. Does Portnoy need to come back? NO. DT took the path less traveled and I applaud them for that. Hell, I’d attend the second leg if one is booked in North America again. This time I’lol actually be familiar with the material.



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