Review: MetaQuorum – Jonathan Livingston

Jonathan Livingston

UK based progressive rock duo MetaQuorum, in existence for a few years, have released a new single called “Jonathan Livingston” recently. When it comes to the progressive and atmospheric variants of rock music, bands coming from Europe have carried a rich history and undeniable reputation of taking it to unmatchable extremes, so a band like MetaQuorum immediately compels Progarchy to take notice, and share with readers thoughts on the band’s new single.

The almost four-minute song creates dreamy atmospheres with bass and keyboard works that strikes an excellent balance between heaviness and melody, and the drum patterns on top of it amplify the melodic element further. The music transitions between these extremes and smoothly moves from one passage to another, making the four-minute duration seems almost momentary. The song follows a simple structure but the music is well-written and played. Drawing parallels with other bands would be a mistake, as MetaQuorum tend to combine plenty of different styles. With a song of this nature, the duo has come forward as another noteworthy entity in a crop of progressive, electronic, atmosphere-inducing rock groups. Their subsequent releases should be on everyone’s radar. In the meantime, listen to “Jonathan Livingston” here.

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