Review: Zeolite – Zeolite


“Zeolite” is an EP release by Australian technical/progressive death metal act Zeolite. The EP was self released in February this year. It’s the successor to the band’s two singles: “Earthmover” (2014) and “Astringent” (2015).

The music on “Zeolite” EP pretty much continues th technical/progressive metal style that has been traced with the mentioned releases. Zeolite are still pretty unique sounding within the genre because of how they combine technical/progressive death metal parts with atmospheric (at times ambient) heavy parts. The technical level of playing is high, the sound production clear and powerful, and the songwriting is strong too.

The EP features 3 tracks and a full playing time of 30-odd minutes. “Seligman’s Curse” and “Brath of Kaiser”, which bookend the EP, are both in the style described above while “Seneca the Younger” and “The Dramaturgy Perspective of a Theorist” showcase that the band is no stranger to deathcore and brutal death metal. Growls of Fraser Mainwaring are convincing and intelligible. The higher pitched screams also work to great effect. Guitarist Patrick Haas and bassist Lucas Tolputt create huge wall of sound. The remaining part of the rhythm section – drums are programmed, and although they are done excellent I hope that the band will find a drummer for their next releases.

Overall “Zeolite” shows a lot of talent and potential with this EP. Let this release serves as a promise for an even better full-length release. Excellent job!

Listen to Zeolite on Bandcamp.


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