Mike Portnoy to Play 12-Step Suite for His 50th Birthday Bash

Exciting news for Dream Theater and Mike Portnoy fans everywhere. While many of us have been suspecting it for a while, Mike officially announced yesterday that he is going to play all of the DT 12-Step Suite at his 50th birthday celebration on Cruise to the Edge. The cruise takes place February 7-11, 2017. Find out more info on the cruise here.

For those unfamiliar with the 12-Step suite, it as a series of 5 songs released across 5 DT albums, all intended to make their own concept album. The songs were written by Portnoy after his struggle with alcoholism, and they represent the Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12-step program.

Mike wrote on the upcoming event:

When I came up with the idea of writing a multi-part suite that was to span 5 albums (which ended up taking 8 years to complete), it was always part of my masterplan to eventually perform it in it’s entirely live on stage.

It saddens me that I was not able to do so w DT after completing the final piece of my conceptual puzzle…but I’ve decided that I owe it to the fans to finally bring my 12 Step Suite to life on stage as I always envisioned.

There’s no better time and place than at my 50th Birthday Concert aboard Cruise To The Edge!

Joining me for this very special performance will be some great friends and amazing musicians that I know will kick ass in helping me with my unfinished business of bringing this piece of music to life on stage!

It would be great if he could get some of the DT guys to join him, but time will tell. I hope he films the show and releases it on video.

The following are the songs in the suite:

  1. “The Glass Prison” (off of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence)
  2. “This Dying Soul” (off of Train of Thought)
  3. “The Root of all Evil (off of Octavarium)
  4. “Repentance” (off of Systematic Chaos)
  5. “The Shattered Fortress” (off of Black Clouds and Silver Linings)

Check out the whole thing here:

One thought on “Mike Portnoy to Play 12-Step Suite for His 50th Birthday Bash

  1. I never really thought this would happen, figured it was one of those things Portnoy would reserve should he ever get back onstage with DT. Anywho, it’s awesome for anyone taking part in Cruise to the Edge, lucky bastards. I’m especially fond of parts I, II and V.

    Hey Bryan, please email me at david_savala@hotmail.com



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