“Stone and Steel” News from Big Big Train

For all the North American BBT fans (and fans of physical media), it seems we will not be getting a properly working Blu-ray of BBT’s Stone and Steel. The band decided not to make a second pressing, and they say that the first pressing may work on newer Blu-ray machines. They have also released it digitally via Vimeo. I would much rather prefer they make it available on iTunes, and I’m not in the mood to pay lots of money for a Blu-ray that may or may not work. Coupled with the rather annoying multiple tracklist versions of their latest album, Folklore, I’m a little peeved.

Check out this news posting on their website for more details. Check out this link for a technical briefing from BBT on whether or not the Blu-ray will work with your machine.

I also received this in my email inbox yesterday:

Hi everyone

The digital version of the complete “Stone & Steel” film is now available to purchase for streaming and download on Vimeo:

If you need to satisfy the palate as well as the ear and eye, Folklore Ale and Wassail Cider are available from The Merch Desk, along with other BBT merchandise:

Finally, a reminder that the band has been nominated in three categories for this year’s Progressive Music Awards: Band/Artist Of The Year, Album Of The Year, and Live Event. If you’d like to show your support for Big Big Train or any of the other nominees, you can vote at:

Our official YouTube channel now contains three live performances from our gigs last year, amongst other goodies:

Best wishes,
Andy, Danny, Dave, David, Greg, Nick, Rachel and Rikard

2 thoughts on ““Stone and Steel” News from Big Big Train

  1. Joe Shea

    Received my advance purchase copy of Stone and Steel yesterday, popped it in the BlueRay and was very disappointed that it did not work. It is the only DVD I have ever encountered that did not play in this machine. With the millions of DVD’s pressed every day it is hard to see how they messed it up this bad. Not wanting to go and buy a new player just for this one disc, very disappointing. With all the time they took, you would think professionals could get it right. May look into the Vimeo offering, not sure yet, thinking I just want my money back. BOO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bryan Morey

      Hey, Joe. It’s really a bummer that it doesn’t work for you. The band has said they will let people return them if they bought them under pre-order. If purchased after they made a statement on their website, they won’t refund money, but they will give people a free Vimeo download. So, you may have a few options to keep it from being a total failure. Try contacting them.

      I agree with you, though – this really shouldn’t have been that difficult, and not releasing another pressing is a failed response to upset North American fans.



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