Lobate Scarp Release New Song Ahead of Their Second Album

Today, Lobate Scarp released their brand new song, “Beautiful Light,” off their upcoming second album, You Have it All. I highly recommend it to all of you – a fantastic style of upbeat prog rock with clean production and a lovely 70s “golden age of prog” feel to it. Check out the song, and if you can, please support their kickstarter campaign. Anyone who supports the Kickstarter for the second album gets an instant download of “Beautiful Light” in either mp3 or WAV format.

More info in the following press release and at their website:

[Press Release]

Today, Los Angeles, California, based progressive rock band Lobate Scarp released the new single “Beautiful Light” for their upcoming album entitled You Have It All. Recorded and mixed at The Mouse House under the production expertise of Rich Mouser, the song features an array of guest musicians playing flute, English horn, oboe, and violin. The release will be followed up with a lyric video created by UK-­‐ based media production company Crystal Spotlight.

Rich Mouser, whose mixing repertoire includes Spock’s BeardTransatlanticNeal Morse, as well as Lobate Scarp’s debut album Time and Space, will join as producer of the new album. Steve Leavitt, producer of Time and Space, will also return to co-produce. David A. Hardy, the world’s oldest living space artist, will again create the artwork for the new album.

In congruence with the single release, Lobate Scarp launched a major crowdfunding campaign for their follow up to Time and Space. The You Have It All Kickstarter page is at http://LSalbum2.com.

Lobate Scarp is a progressive space-opera rock band based in Los Angeles. Their influences range from classic prog-rock of the 70’s such as Genesis and Yes, to 80’s pop such as Simple Minds and Tears for Fears, as well as strong ties to musical theater. Their debut Time and Space was made possible in 2012 by a successful Kickstarter campaign and has since received accolades from all over the world, played on radio shows, podcasts, as well as had reviews published in numerous music publications such as Music ConnectionYes Music PodcastProg ArchivesElectric Freedom,  Empire MusicProgshine, and Progarchy.

“The group Lobate Scarp presents prog rock that hits you right between the eyes. This band’s rich melodies flow naturally like a stream, while the songs are broken down into movements much like a symphony”. -­‐ Music Connection

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