CIRCA: – Valley Of The Windmill (2016)

I’ve had major A.D.D. lately, so it’s been difficult for me to sit through long songs, much less whole albums, but what I’ve heard so far from the new Circa album, I really dug. I’m looking forward to having a nice listen to Valley of the Windmill soon. Iris over at Grendel Headquarters has lots of great things to say about this album.

Grendel HeadQuarters

The band consists of Tony Kaye, a former Yes member, and Billy Sherwood, who is a current member of Yes. Billy took over Chris Squire’s place as a bassist, who we sadly lost in 2015. However, mister Sherwood provides the lead vocals and guitars instead of bass on CIRCA:’s fourth album, named Valley Of The Windmill. Rick Tierney is providing the bass guitar parts, and Scott Connor does the drums and percussion.

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